Resources Amazing website started by Dr. Heidi Horsley, internationally know grief expert.  User-friendly site that quickly gets you to targeted, useful guidance to help you through grief of all types.  Excellent resources for further help through articles, books, counselor databases and so much more.  I loved her Open To Hope TV and Open To Hope radio show. Excellent website developed by Ira Woods based upon his experience of losing his dear companion, Kristin.  Amazing checklists, guidance, blogs and more organized is an easy to access format.  As president of One World Memorials, he has a great blog on how to choose a cremation urn, something that is often not addressed until after someone passes. He’s turned a deep loss in our gain.  Developed by Georgena Eggleston, MA, this site offers insights, tools and personal grief therapy to assist you in working through your grief.  Her personal loss of 5 immediate family members in 3 years and the transformative process to return her to wholeness and happiness inspired her to help others.  Developed by B.J. Miller, Palliative Care Physician.  Great resource and food for thought. Back story on BJ here:  Soon, my dream “…to die for” will be published! This book started in my heart during the loss of my Mom. And, although the book talks about death, it is really about hope. I share my journey, story, thoughts and experience when dealing with the loss of my parents. I hope to offer some new thoughts or patterns for you to consider and help you look at death in a way that is actually positive.  Fantastic overall wellness support site with helpful information, blogs, meditations and tips to support your journey and wellbeing.

Recommended Guided Meditations and Calming Music:

Fear Clear by Jarrad Hewett
Release Everything by Jarrad Hewett
Press Pause by Jarrad Hewett
7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration by Panache Desai
Move Forward While Coping with Loss | Help Desk | Oprah Winfrey Network with Panache Desai
432Hz Miracle Tone - Raise Positive Vibrations | Healing Frequency 432hz | Positive Energy Boost
528 hz DNA Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music "Sounds of Nature"

Books, Articles, Poems:

“Being Mortal” by Dr. Atul Gawande.  A surgeon, through personal and profession experience, conveys how we learn about birth but not about death.  I love his perspective, as one entrenched in the medical community, and his conclusion that the ultimate goal is not a good death but a good life – all the way to the very end.

“The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion  Joan’s reflections for the year following the death of her husband.

“On Grief and Grieving” by David Kessler  David had worked with and coauthored with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (“On Grief and Grieving” and “Life Lessons”) and Louise Hay (“You Can Heal Your Heart: Finding Peace After Breakup, Divorce or Death”).

“Veronica Decides to Die” by Paul Coelho  This book explores the thought process of a 24 year old woman who decided to take her life through sleeping pills but wakes up in an institution.  It follows through her thought process as she learns she now has only days to live and decides how to use those.

“When Parents Die” by Edward Myers  Explores the psychological responses to a parent's death such as shock, depression, and guilt, to the practical consequences such as dealing with estates and funerals.

“The Dash” by Linda Ellis  This was given to after my mother’s passing by a nurse that cared for her.

“Gone From My Sight” by Barbara Karnes, RN  One of the two pamphlets I read while with our father in hospice.

“The Eleventh Hour.  A Caring Guide for the Hours to Minutes Before Death” by Barbara Karnes, RN  One of the two pamphlets I read while with our father in hospice.

Keeping in touch with loved ones after you pass:
Digital Services Send Messages to Your Loved Ones After You Die (article)